Why Easy Pan?

Your ultimate solution for home-cooked healthy meals
Our recipes are expertly crafted to be well balanced and nutritious, yet never compromising on taste! Healthy means well-balanced diet; packed with just the right amount of essential nutrients to keep you on form. Our meals include meat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian options and we leave the choice to your taste
It’s super convenient and time-saving
Everything you need to cook great meals comes to your doorstep! No need to waste hours developing your weekly cooking plan or rushing the supermarkets with that epic ingredients list. All our recipes take between 20-40 minutes to prepare and cook! On occasional basis, we provide more advanced ones that take up to 50 minutes, designed specifically for the aspiring chef in you!
Choice is king
The choice is all yours! Our chefs offer a menu of 12 recipes with 6 new ones introduced every month…we offer diverse dishes to suit everyone, ranging from exotic eats to homely treats, veggie delights and meaty feasts.
Cook what once seemed impossible
Easy Pan softly builds your skill set to master cooking in no time without having to watch cooking tutorials, spend hours on the phone for guidance or cough up for cooking classes! We’ll tell you everything necessary to cook great meals with no room for mistakes! With Easy Pan, you’ll explore new culinary horizons and indulge into greatness and pride!
Taste the exotic
Remember the number of times you were excited to cook cool recipes you found online but never did because you couldn’t find this one exotic ingredient? This will end with Easy Pan, as we send you all the ingredients you’ll need to cook unusual meals.
Bid farewell to food waste
How many times did you end up wasting ingredients? We ALL fall in this trap! Easy Pan is your solution to utterly eliminate food waste resulting from over-spending on groceries or inefficient use of the available ingredients. We send you the exact portions needed to cook what you’ve ordered, leaving nothing to waste!
Most importantly, it’s a joyful experience
We offer you plenty of laughs and a memorable time! Cooking doesn’t have to be one of those chores ruining your day! With the right kit at your disposal, it’s actually fun! Whether you’re a culinary guru or domestic disaster, we promise you that you’ll be amazed by the amount of skills you pick up!


How can I recycle the box and plastic containers?
Upon your next delivery, you can just hand the box to our delivery staff with all the plastic bags dropped inside.
Why should I recycle?
Save energy, reduce waste, protect wildlife, confine water pollution, and help the Egyptian economy!


Fresh Seasonal Ingredients
We deliver all ingredients fresh to you so you can always enjoy fresh meals! We source all our fresh produce from local farms directly to your doorstep. We tailor all recipes to the seasons, to ensure you always eat the freshest produce that’s growing right this moment.
Top quality ingredients
Our sourcing team works with 100% trusted suppliers offering incomparable quality; handpicked and carefully selected to abide by the highest standards of sustainability and welfare. We really know and trust where the food comes from!

Ordering and Delivery

How do I place an order?

You can order through our website or phone number ( +201022690029 ). All you have to do is select the recipes, number of servings for each recipe, enter your contact details and you have the meals!

How many people do your meals serve?

You can choose any number of servings with a minimum of 2 servings. For all the big eaters out there, don’t worry our portion sizes are generous! If you’re looking for a bigger number of servings, please call us on +201022690029 and we’ll make sure you’re covered!

How many meals can I order?

You can order any number of meals that you want or you can schedule the deliveries on any other day, you will be able to view one month ahead whenever you place an order. If you want to place a big order, please call us one day in advance.

Since we always advise to cook our recipes within 2-3 days of delivery, it’s best to order a maximum of 3 recipes to preserve the freshness of the ingredients.

Can I schedule weekly or monthly orders?

Yes, our scheduling mechanism is flexible and you can schedule to receive any meal of your choice on any day of the month. This is typically designed for those with a busy lifestyle and looking for some peace of mind. Let us pamper you by delivering each meal in a unique day of the week that you choose…we can cover you daily with a new great recipe!

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is 10 EGP per order. But if you choose 6 servings or more, you get your deliveries for FREE!

Where/When do you deliver?

We deliver to New Cairo, Heliopolis, Nasr City, Maadi, Sherouk, 6th of October, Mohandeseen and Zamalek on all weekdays including the weekend. We usually deliver between 4 pm and 10 pm (choose between two delivery windows). We can deliver your order on the same day if you place the order before 12 pm.

How to pay?

Payment is done through cash on delivery. In case of a weekly package, total amount is paid upon the first delivery so you can enjoy the following deliveries with no hassle of payment.

How to cancel?

Please call us on +201022690029 or send us an email on info@easy-pan.com . You can cancel before 11 am on your scheduled delivery day. In case of weekly package you will be contacted after cancellation to arrange refund.

Do I have to be at home?

We secure our ingredients in insulated boxes that are delivered in cooled vans to keep your food fresh and fabulous till delivery! But someone has to be home during the selected delivery window as some of the items perish if left without refrigeration, specially the fresh meats. In case of emergency, let us know if we can safely leave your box with a neighbor and we’ll happily do it!

Can I order a meal from pervious menus?
Unfortunately no! We try to bring you new, exotic and original meals every month to keep you excited for cooking meals you never thought you’d be able to cook.